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We're still here, just not there...

On April 30th, 2016, Computer Gallery's retail location at 4606 N. Wilson Dr (Shorewood, Wisconsin) closed due to damage caused by repeated toilet backups in the apartments upstairs, as well as uncertainty over roofing issues and our air conditioning.

After evaluating options for a new retail or office location, we realized that our "empty nester" status provided a unique opportunity to work from home. So we converted a spare bedroom into our office, and setup our workbench in the basement.

Many of our clients were already dropping-off and picking-up at our home because, quite frankly, our hours (10-6 Monday thru Friday) weren't very accomodating.

Things haven't really changed much. You call (same telephone number, 414/963-6336) and tell us your issue(s). If we feel we can fix your problem remotely (via our remote-access software), we will offer that. If we feel like we need to "lay hands" on the machine, we will provide instructions for dropping your problem child off at our place. And we still offer free pickup/delivery to people that prefer that option.



Lest we forget, the "Panama Papers" resulted from a security violation. 2.6TB of data and 4.8-million emails and 2.2-million PDF files<link>

Methodist Hospital in Kentucky nailed with ransomeware, declares internal state of emergency.<link>

FBI and Microsoft warn against hybrid targeted ransomware attack.<link>

FBI investigating cyber-attack at Methodist Hospital in Henderson (yes, the hackers nailed another hospital).<link>

Staminus Networking, which provides commercial hosting and perhaps more importantly, DDoS attack mitigation, was hacked and lost control of their network for approx. twenty hours. The hackers left a note when they were done.<link>

A look into the latest ransomware (Locky).<link>

New SSL/TLS attack puts 11 million web servers at risk.<link>

Ransomeware targeting Macs now found in the wild.<link>

Fake Adobe Flash update containing malware targets Apple users.<link>

Hospital pays $17,000 for access to encrypted files.<link>

New DMA ransomware discovers unmapped network shares (requiring enumeration of shares on any servers/workstations on the network). This is a new level of sophistication. Oh, and they want to be paid in Bitcoins. <link>

The NSA on hacking into computer networks. <link>

The 25 most common passwords, "123456" is still the most common. <link>

Newly updated Teslacrypt malware attacking mainly via E-Mail attachments. Watch-out for ZIP files.

McAfee indicates macro and fileless malware are top current threats. Fileless infections, awesome.<link>

Ransomware that uses Javascript (note that Javascript is a component of most every browser and isn't the same thing as Java).<link>

Malware targeting power transmission causes blackout for hundreds of thousands in Ukraine.<link>

Microsoft bans insidious spyware after action by Lenovo and other manufacturers. Why people keep buying major-manufacturer PC's is beyond me.<link>

New encryption virus Gomasom .Crypt Ransomware Decrypted<link>

We're closing early (approx. 2pm) on Thursday, December 17.

New encryption virus uses JavaScript and Word macro. <link>

Windows' authentication 'flaw' exposed in detail <link>.

U.S. Court of Appeals finds that breaking workplace computer policies cannot be charged as a crime. Nor can saying "fantastical" things online. <link>.




414/963-6336 -or- 800/876-2186 (E-Mail)