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Milwaukee data recoveryData Recovery
Need data recovered?  Our capabilities include most types of media:

  • Hard drives (including IDE, SATA, SSD, and SCSI)

  • Flash media (including but not limited to thumb drives, compact flash [CF1/CFII], MD, SM, SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro, RS-MMC, mini-SD, and MS(Pro)Duo).

  • Removable disks (floppy, Iomega Zip and Jaz, LS-120)

We can recover data from Apple, Windows and many "ix" (Linux, Unix, FreeBSD) computers.  Unlike many of our competitors, we have no "upcharge" for non-Windows based drives.

We employ sophisticated hardware and software tools (much of which we developed ourselves) that will recover data from everything from flash drives to multi-drive RAID volumes.

PLEASE NOTE that we perform these data recoveries ON-SITE.  WE DO NOT SHIP your drive to another company and then collect a commission for the work.  WE DO ALL THE WORK RIGHT HERE.

ALSO NOTE THAT many of our local competitors now bill themselves as data recovery experts.  We have had many successful recoveries from drives all of them said were unrecoverable.  If you were told that your drive is not recoverable, please consider giving us a shot.

We've done data recovery jobs for everyone from homes users to small business, local institutions like the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Art Museum to nationally recognizable names like the Cleveland Clinic.  We've done data recovery work for people and businesses from every continent (yes, we've actually had drives shipped to us from Africa).

If you would like to discuss the details of your data recovery job, please contact Phil at 414/963-6336 or toll-free 800/876-2186.


Our rates...
These prices are all-inclusive.  We will never contact you with a song and dance about having to charge additional for "having to go into the cleanroom" or any such nonsense.  What you see is what you pay.  And if we can't recover your data, you don't pay a cent.




Flash Media (< 2GB)


Flash Media (2GB/4GB)


Flash Media (8GB)


Flash Media (16GB)


Flash Media (32GB)


Flash Media (64GB)


IDE/SATA Hard Drive (< 80GB)


IDE/SATA Hard Drive (80-159GB)


IDE/SATA Hard Drive (160GB-319GB)


IDE/SATA Hard Drive (320GB-639GB)


IDE/SATA Hard Drive (640GB-1.24TB)


IDE/SATA Hard Drive (1.25TB-2.5TB)


SCSI Hard Drives
Same as IDE/SATA capacity, plus $162


SSD Hard Drives
Same as IDE/SATA capacity, plus $108




Floppy Disks






ZIP Disks


Jaz Disks


LS-120 Disks


*prices effective 3/2011, cost of replacement drive not included

414/963-6336 or 800/876-2186


Your next step...
The thought of lost data can be very stressful.  There is no need to put yourself under additional stress by having to properly pack/ship your drive, or dealing with the vague pricing tactics of many of our competitors.  Simply bring us your drive or computer during our normal business hours.  We will ask for your basic information (name/phone number/address), and send you on your way with positive thoughts.

Diagnosis/recovery typically begins within 24-hours, and you can usually expect a status update 48-hours after leaving your drive with us.

414/963-6336 -or- 800/876-2186 (E-Mail)
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