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Milwaukee remote supportSOS Remote Assistant
We developed our SOS Remote Assistant application to provide superior support to our customers.  SOS allows us to "drive" your PC from our shop.  With it, we can see your screen, move your mouse, and type at your keyboard.  And the best part is, it only takes seconds to download and install it.

We use SOS to diagnose hardware problems, troubleshoot and correct software problems, and even provide remote training.  Problems that don't require a screwdriver can be solved in minutes, from the convenience of your home or office.

And SOS is completely secure.  We cannot access your PC without an "invite" from you.  And once we logoff, SOS exits and leaves nothing hogging your precious system resources.  You won't notice any decrease in performance by having SOS on your PC.

Having SOS on your PC is like having your own IT department, ready to solve problems whenever and wherever they may arrise.  If you're ready to try the latest thing in service and support, call 414/963-6336.


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