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Milwaukee computer repair

Give me sixty seconds, then decide for yourself
I don't know how you ended up on this page.  Perhaps you're local to our SE Wisconsin area and a friend referred you.  Maybe you found us via a google search.  Whatever the reason, I realize I have all of sixty seconds to convince you to purchase your next computer from me.

There are two overwhelming considerations when purchasing your new PC:  Quality (of course), and customer service.  An important consideration (but less so, if you ask me) is price.  Let me explain.

Four steps to superior quality
Everyone claims quality.  We've achieved what we believe is the highest quality in the industry by developing four steps that assure it.

(1) We start with the highest quality off-the-shelf components we can find.  That means motherboards from Intel and Asus, and optical drives from Samsung and NEC (just to name a few).  We always specify the brands we're using, and we don't deviate.  We use no custom parts, and make no modifications (thus preventing service nightmares).

(2) We use our fifteen plus years of experience to assemble each unit.  Components are correctly assembled (don't laugh, you would be amazed at the screw-ups even the big guys make).  All cables are neatly arranged and tied to keep them out of the cooling fans (we invented cable art).  Assembler checks their own work, and then someone else checks it, too.

(3) Each machine undergoes a grueling twenty-four hour torture test which simultaneously tests the performance of every single component.  The CPU performs math tests, while the RAM is pattern tested, the drives undergo read/write tests, the video performs 2D/3D tests, the network card does traffic tests, and the sound does IO tests.  To the best of my knowledge, we're the only ones performing such extensive testing on both Windows and Linux boxes.

(4) Finally, we evaluate failures during the build/test process and those that occur in the field to identify components with higher than average failure rates and use that information in #1 above to select replacements.

This is a closed-loop test.  The longer we use it, the better our machines get.  We experience less than one boomerang (a machine that we deliver to a customer and which results in an immediate service request) in 250 machines.

Five ways our customer service shines
First we impress with quality, then with customer service.  It is 1am CST on a Saturday evening as I sit here typing this.  I've answered three CS-related E-Mail inquiries in the last four hours (fun Saturday night, huh?).  In two cases, I recognized the customer by E-Mail address.  In the other case, I helped a guy get his Dell booting from CD so he could reinstall his OS.  Being small (four employees) has its benefits where service is concerned.  There are many ways our customer service bests the competition's, here are just five of them:

(1) We correctly diagnose and fix problems.  Whether you actually experience a failure (unlikely), or simply require assistance using your PC, we're actually helpful.  You see, the old adage that there is no substitute for experience is true.  And we've got more experience than anyone else.  Got a virus?  We'll help preserve your data.  Can't get a new printer working?  We'll tell you what you're doing wrong.

(2) We personally answer each and every phone call.  Our sophisticated phone system allows us to answer calls pretty-much 24/7.  When you call, the phones ring at the shop, they ring at our homes, and if all else fails, it starts ringing-through to cell phones.  WE CAN ALWAYS BE REACHED.  In fact, it isn't unusual for me to answer calls in the early mornings or late evenings only to have someone apologize and explain they were expecting a recording with our hours (I use my best robot voice to oblige them by reciting our "normal" hours).

(3) We tag each machine with its invoice number.  We can provide a complete itemization of your PC's configuration with just a few keystrokes.  Want to know how much RAM you have?  Whether you have room for more?  Just find the sticker on your machine with the invoice number ("#12345-123") and we can answer any question you have.  We've been practicing service tagging since day one, and currently maintain over twenty years of on-line history.  More detailed history than anyone else we know of.

(4) We have an open-door policy at the shop.  Yes, we keep worse than banker's hours (10am-6pm Mon-Fri).  However, we're typically at the shop earlier and later than those hours would indicate.  When we're in the shop, you're welcome.  We're also happy to come back to the shop outside of normal business hours if they just don't work for you.  All you have to do is call (or E-Mail).

(5) Special needs?  We aren't using cookie cutters to build machines.  We routinely have customers request multiple operating systems, special restore CD/DVD procedures, even case mods for extreme environments.  We've built custom machines for Intel to use in testing, and gobs of servers for a division of Amazon to use for a super-high bandwidth project.  We've done projects for the National Gallery of Art and NASA.  We typically handle one or two special projects at a time.  Tell us about yours, we'll let you know if we can help.

You want the highest quality PC and the superior customer service that goes with it for the best price available, and that is exactly what we deliver.  The question isn't why someone else sells machines for a few dollars less, but why you have to give up so much for very nominal savings.

Take a look around our site.  Go to the build pages and configure a machine.  And if you can't find what you're looking for, don't give up!  Just call (414/963-6336) or E-Mail ( for help.  Just give us one chance to impress you, we won't let you down.


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We're closing early (approx. 2pm) on Thursday, December 17.

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