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Nearly thirty years of serving businesses and individuals

We still build many desktop machines, check-out our configuration page for details.

We fix stuff... We troubleshoot hardware problems, correct operating system issues, remove viruses, etc. We work on most brands (yes, that includes Apple). We do desktops and portable devices, and larger (business) printers.

We do data recovery... Unreadable flash drives, clicking hard drives, we retrieve your important data right here in our shop. While most places send your drive to some pricey third party, we do it all right here. And we've been doing data recovery longer than anyone else in Wisconsin.

We do support... Sure, many outfits offer remote-control based support these days, but it is only as good as the tech on the other end of the line. We're good, nearly thirty years in business good.

We "Freecycle" stuff... Sometimes repair just doesn't make economical sense. We will secure-erase your data and recycle your old equipment, all for free. We cannot do older-style CRT monitors at this time, but we can do most everything else. Most anything electronic, including old stereo gear, VCR's, camcorders, MP3 players, etc.

Network support... Businesses run on networks and networks require maintenance. Are your servers up-to-date? Who is keeping an eye on free disk space? Are those backups working, have they been recently tested? We watch all of that, and more.

VoIP support... Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has the potential to offer not only substantial savings but advanced features like telecommuting. But problems can be numerous, from poor audio quality to one way audio to no audio. We have over a decade of experience in VoIP. While we don't hide the fact that we like Asterisk (open-source) systems, we have also worked with many proprietary systems. Have an underperforming VoIP system? Call us.

Internet monitoring... The Internet is the lifeblood of any business, so we monitor your connection 24/7. We maintain statistics on packet loss and jitter, data which is immensely helpful should a need arise to cancel a contract with an under performing service provider.

Security analysis... Perhaps the biggest threat to almost any business these days is ransomware. We offer not only network security appliances, but great advice on how to fight this threat.

Remote backup... So many businesses backup to the cloud without even considering what the restore strategy might look like. The realization that it may take days or even weeks to restore all their data in the event of a disaster should be an enormous concern. We provide daily off-site backups of mission critical data. And should the need arise, we can provide a copy of that data on an external drive in very short order.

Partly cloudy... Sure, we recognize many of the inherent risks in cloud solutions, but embrace them nonetheless. Many of those risks can be mitigated with a modicum of effort. Talk to us before signing-up for any cloud solution pushed hard by another provider, they are often working on a commission that looks more like an annuity, something we just won't do.

Service with no contracts and no commitments... Many service providers require a monthly retainer based on the number of PC's and servers they will be supporting. Not us! "Time and Materials" is nearly universally a less expensive approach to contract pricing.

Anything else... Whether you need hardware and/or software purchasing recommendations or tips on reducing recurring costs, whether you're an end-user or business, whatever your need, we will try to help. If we can't help, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.


Lest we forget, the "Panama Papers" resulted from a security violation. 2.6TB of data and 4.8-million emails and 2.2-million PDF files<link>

Methodist Hospital in Kentucky nailed with ransomeware, declares internal state of emergency.<link>

FBI and Microsoft warn against hybrid targeted ransomware attack.<link>

FBI investigating cyber-attack at Methodist Hospital in Henderson (yes, the hackers nailed another hospital).<link>

Staminus Networking, which provides commercial hosting and perhaps more importantly, DDoS attack mitigation, was hacked and lost control of their network for approx. twenty hours. The hackers left a note when they were done.<link>

A look into the latest ransomware (Locky).<link>

New SSL/TLS attack puts 11 million web servers at risk.<link>

Ransomeware targeting Macs now found in the wild.<link>

Fake Adobe Flash update containing malware targets Apple users.<link>

Hospital pays $17,000 for access to encrypted files.<link>

New DMA ransomware discovers unmapped network shares (requiring enumeration of shares on any servers/workstations on the network). This is a new level of sophistication. Oh, and they want to be paid in Bitcoins. <link>

The NSA on hacking into computer networks. <link>

The 25 most common passwords, "123456" is still the most common. <link>

Newly updated Teslacrypt malware attacking mainly via E-Mail attachments. Watch-out for ZIP files.

McAfee indicates macro and fileless malware are top current threats. Fileless infections, awesome.<link>

Ransomware that uses Javascript (note that Javascript is a component of most every browser and isn't the same thing as Java).<link>

Malware targeting power transmission causes blackout for hundreds of thousands in Ukraine.<link>

Microsoft bans insidious spyware after action by Lenovo and other manufacturers. Why people keep buying major-manufacturer PC's is beyond me.<link>

New encryption virus Gomasom .Crypt Ransomware Decrypted<link>

We're closing early (approx. 2pm) on Thursday, December 17.

New encryption virus uses JavaScript and Word macro. <link>

Windows' authentication 'flaw' exposed in detail <link>.

U.S. Court of Appeals finds that breaking workplace computer policies cannot be charged as a crime. Nor can saying "fantastical" things online. <link>.




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